Villegas Recruitment Firm is an emirati-owned recruitment consultancy approved and supported by the Dubai SME program and the Ministry of Economy with a mainland license. We specialize in Corporate Services and Emiratisation recruitment for government, semi-government organizations and multinational corporations. Our advanced search techniques combined with artificial intelligence and automation allow our recruiters to focus in building a relationship-centric community. Our recruiters in the UAE connect candidates (UAE Nationals & Corporate Services Leaders of tomorrow) with exciting roles.

Our Founder, Faisal Ali, has firsthand experience at federal government level for Emiratization and technology expertise. Having served in C-suite roles for over a decade, he specializes in transformation of organizations through technology, leading the change from the front. Faisal is also described to be a “serial out of box thinker who refuses to limit his vision or thinking to the norm and is a constant challenge to the convention to innovate and deliver better solutions”. He has won Top 50 CIO multiple times along with other industry awards in the region including Dubai Quality Award.

Given his immense background and notable achievements in technology & Emiratisation and considering the growing demands of talented professionals in these verticals, he founded Villegas Recruitment Firm to set ablaze to trail and to set the standards for all UAE recruitment consultancies to follow through providing a more, personalized, digitized and high level of automation in processes improving & ensuring consistent quality services and turn-around-time.

Faisal Ali Founder of Villegas Recruitment

Our Founder, Faisal Ali

As Steve Jobs quoted, “Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people.’’ Henceforth, one of his key hires is Abigail Zatarain who is the current Managing Director of Villegas Recruitment Firm. She has over ten years of notable success in finding the best-matched talents for roles within government and multi-national organizations in the UAE with domain expertise of Emiratisation and Corporate Services.

She was also awarded by one of the leading banks in the UAE for placing the highest number of UAE Nationals in a span of six months in 2016 and has also been recognized as a top-notch recruiter by government & multi-national organizations from sought-after industries in the UAE for providing assistance in hiring candidates for niche positions & a search more focus on long-term candidate relationship. She is part of Dubai Business Women’s Council and has the honor of being the youngest candidate in Procter & Gamble Connect (the first women entrepreneurs academy in the UAE).

Abigail Zatarain

Managing Director, Abigail Zatarain



Villegas Recruitment’s mission and vision is adhered to the following Value Proposition.

Villegas Recruitment Firm Relationship Centric

We interact with candidates & clients in a mindful way that builds trust and deepens the relationship.

Villegas Recruitment Firm Respect

We understand that each client has their unique mission, culture, and hiring process.

The Villages Advantage

We believe that people produce the best results when there is a foundation of trust.

Contingency Recruitment Solutions

Our automated solutions ensure we find the best candidates out there by deep diving into every profile.



“Be recognized as, the leading recruitment consultancy in the Gulf & Middle East that brings brilliant minds together to achieve great things.’’


We will disrupt the executive search industry through working towards an AI and ML based precision recruitment and will consistently learn new ways of making our recruitment process up-to-date.


We will connect our candidates with exciting opportunities so they can advance their career while driving change in dynamic companies and provide a long-term relationship through a variety of educational platforms that will help them enhance their career journey. We do not want our candidates to have a one-time interaction with us, we want to make sure that we continuously guide them in their career.


We will empower our clients to search for talent on our database. It means they can take control of their own talent search, with Villegas experts as your partners to conduct meetings and interviews to help you refine your search to the best candidates.



As part of our mission and vision to make sure that we continuously guide our candidates in their career path while finding them the right role, we aim to provide.

Villegas Recruitment Firm Educational Platform

We aim to share tools, and resources to support and enhance our candidate’s job skills.

The Villages Advantage

Given our immense network of C-suite professionals, it is our objective to develop mentoring partnerships by introducing & matching industry experts with candidates.

Villegas Recruitment Firm Career Counselling

Our extensively researched framework will provide
accurate insights to effectively guide individuals to the most promising career choices.

“At Villegas, we do not want our candidates to have a one time interaction with us – these solutions at no cost also help us understand our candidates better & represent them in the best way possible.”




One of the biggest problems in business is ‘mis-hires’. At Villegas Recruitment, we understand that the cost of mis-hiring a manager or an executive is five times the person’s annual compensation hence why we give  our clients the opportunity to choose which recruitment solution would work best for their business model.

Contingency Recruitment is also sometimes called the ‘non-exclusive’ search refers to a type of recruitment in which the agency only collects a fee once a candidate that they have qualified is successfully placed in the role. Recruitment to clients: No Risk & No Upfront Cost whilst still having quality methodology from Villegas Recruitment.

At Villegas Recruitment, we aim to disrupt the recruitment industry through introducing the ‘Hybrid Model Recruitment Solutions’. The Villegas’ Hybrid Model is a combination of retained search in addition to the regular contingency search but with clients benefiting for more services. Clients that opt for a Hybrid Model search option benefit from:


We assign you an experienced associate partner to work with you.


You’re given a priority allocated search time to look for candidates.


We combine market mapping, market assessments, and analysis to scour the industry.


Up to two Psychometric Assessment for selected candidates.



Have any Questions? If you’d like to be assisted by one of our expert recruiters, just get in touch over the phone or feel free to send an email. We would like to hear from you.

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